Friction Enhancement Pack

For enhanced friction to withstand any high torque that may occur from dynamic forces encountered with rough weather and especially with any runway bounces on takeoff or landing.


(a) Cushion Grip Knob-nut with five lobes to provide a firm, sure grip for tightening mount's support-arm-hinge to base-hinge with extra-high torque. Knob-nut is coated with a unique plastic that feels soft to the touch, comfortable yet rugged, with smooth, rounded lobes and textured non-slip, non-glare finish. Molded-in brass insert provides superior thread strength.

(b) One stainless steel washer plus three ultra-low friction washers to prevent rotation of mount's support-arm-hinge from causing loosening of knob-screw, even if rotated downward in direction which would loosen knob-screw if arm motion were to couple to knob-screw even slightly.

Friction Enhancement Pack replaces standard wing nut and white plastic washer holding support-arm-hinge to base-hinge, to enable greater hand tightening needed to withstand the 50% to 100% higher torque on the mount's support arm from devices weighing over 2 pounds such as Motion Computing's Tablet PCs (which weigh approximately 3.5 pounds). Note: Be sure to sandwich ultra-low-friction black washer between white nylon washers and outer white nylon washer adjacent to knob to maximize torque decoupling.

BASE HINGE REVERSAL TO FREE KNOB-NUT: Knob will hit top of 2-base or 3-base unless base is rotated 180 degrees from normal orientation relative to its friction hinge. This is why base's hinge is delivered rotated by 180 degrees from normal and should be used that way, with FEP knob-screw to right of yoke shaft and base tightening lever to left of yoke shaft.

IMPORTANT: tighten firmly but do not tighten with your full strength as that can cause wedging action to burst open hinge cylinder!